Well-being dynamics and poverty traps

Working paper by Christopher Barrett, Linden McBride on 20 Jan 2016

A sound understanding of poverty traps—defined as poverty that is self-reinforcing due to the poor’s equilibrium behaviors—and their underlying mechanisms is fundamentally important to the development of policies and interventions … read more »

Spatio-temporal analyses of impacts of multiple climatic hazards in the savannah ecosystem of Ghana

Working paper by Gerald Yiran, Lindsay Stringer on 20 Jan 2016

Ghana’s savannah ecosystem has been subjected to a number of climatic hazards of varying severity over the past three decades. This paper presents a spatial, time-series analysis of the impacts of multiple hazards on the ecosystem and human livelihoods, using the Upper East Region of Ghana as a case study. Our aim is to understand […]

Climate change policy, innovation and growth

Policy publication by Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin on 18 Jan 2016

New clean technologies are urgently required to meet long-term global climate goals. Simulating the development of these technologies has become worldwide policy priority. This policy brief uses the … read more »

Barriers and enablers to the use of seasonal climate forecasts amongst organisations in Europe

Working paper by Marta Bruno Soares, Suraje Dessai on 15 Jan 2016

Seasonal climate forecasts (SCF) provide information about future climate variability that has the potential to benefit organisations and their decision-making. However, the production and availability of SCF does not guarantee its use in decision-making per se as a range of factors and conditions influence its use in different decision-making contexts. The aim of this paper […]