Indirect CO2 Emission Implications of Energy System Pathways: Linking IO and TIMES Models for the UK

Research article by Kate Scott, Neil Strachan, John Barrett on 8 Jun 2015

Radical changes to current national energy systems–including energy efficiency and the decarbonization of electricity–will be required in order to meet challenging carbon emission reduction commitments. Technology explicit energy system optimization models (ESOMs) are widely used to define and assess such low-carbon pathways, but these models only account for the emissions associated with energy combustion and […]

Which “fairness”, for whom, and why? Broadening inputs for a standard designed to certify “fairtrade carbon credits”

Working paper by Anne Tallontire, Lindsay Stringer, Robert Marchant on 6 Jun 2015

Carbon projects are often complex, contested and shrouded by concerns about fairness, particularly regarding the involvement and sharing of benefits to local communities and smallholders. Fairtrade International’s collaborative efforts to develop a standard to certify Fairtrade Carbon Credits (FCCs) warrants careful analysis of the multiple and competing notions of fairness, how to achieve it and […]