Mitigation of CO2 emissions from the road passenger transport sector in Bahrain

Research article by Yim Ling Siu, John Barrett on 5 Jun 2015

There is much optimism that the 2015 Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention will yield an agreement on mitigation of climate change, to become effective in 2020. In this context, Bahrain represents a developing country with insufficient data to assess mitigation opportunities: its per capita carbon emissions rank among the world’s […]

Environment and sustainability

Book, Research article by Jouni Paavola on 29 May 2015

Many central concerns of social economics, such as embeddedness, plural values and social justice, are highly pertinent to environment and sustainability. Somewhat paradoxically, there has been relatively little research on environment and sustainability in the core social-economics research community. But this is not to say that social-economics research on the environment and sustainability does not […]

Stochastic generation of synthetic minutely irradiance time series derived from mean hourly weather observation data

Research article by Peter Taylor on 27 May 2015

Bright JM, Smith CJ, Taylor PG, Crook R Stochastic. (2015). Solar Energy, vol. 115, pp.229-242. Highlights A sun obscured methodology to generate 1 min resolution irradiance is proposed. A novel approach to generating cloud cover is presented. The use of multiple Markov chains offers improvement to resource modelling. Diurnal okta number variability gives the largest transition […]