Should we care about the needs of nonhumans? Needs assessment: A tool for environmental conflict resolution and sustainable organization of living beings

Research article by on 29 Aug 2011

This article extends the Human-scale Development methodology to include non-humans. We found this wider approach to be helpful in analysing the conflict of interest between fish farming and otter protection in the Natural Reserve of the Sado River estuary in Portugal. Our analysis of this environmental conflict goes beyond the anthropocentric view restricted to human […]

Climate change and the socioeconomics of global food production: A quantitative analysis of how socioeconomic factors influence the vulnerability of grain crops to drought

Working paper by Elisabeth Simelton, Evan Fraser, Mette Termansen, Tim Benton, Simon Gosling, Andrew South, Nigel Arnell, Andy Challinor, Andy Dougill, Piers Forster on 1 Aug 2011

Abstract from Working Paper No. 29 The impact of climate change on agriculture depends on the environmental and socio-economic contexts in which the changes occur. However, current tools to anticipate climate change impacts focus almost entirely on biological and environmental processes. For example, most large-scale crop models can identify where yields are sensitive to new […]