Investigating Climate Compatible Development Outcomes and their Implications for Distributive Justice: Evidence from Malawi

Research article by Ben Wood, Claire Quinn, Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill on 18 May 2017

Governments and donors are investing in climate compatible development in order to reduce climate and development vulnerabilities. However, the rate at which climate compatible development is being operationalised has outpaced academic enquiry into the concept. Interventions aiming to achieve climate compatible development “wins” (for development, mitigation, adaptation) can also create negative side-effects. Moreover, benefits and […]

The social and scientific values that shape national climate scenarios: a comparison of the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK

Research article by Suraje Dessai on 26 Apr 2017

This paper seeks to understand why climate information is produced differently from country to country. To do this, we critically examined and compared the social and scientific values that shaped the production of three national climate scenarios in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. A comparative analysis of documentary materials and expert interviews linked to […]