Governments, markets and climate change mitigation

We consider the role of governments, at scales from the global to the local, and the influence that they can have through different forms of policy.

We also consider the ways in which policies for a low-carbon economy are designed and delivered, and the impacts that they can have on environmental performance, energy efficiency/carbon intensity, and also on competitiveness and economic performance.

We look at the roles that markets can play in driving low-carbon innovations. Some of these markets are created by government policy – and we pay particular attention to the ways in which efficient and effective carbon markets can be created, and to the social, economic and environmental impacts that they can have. We evaluate not only their current design, but also how they might evolve in the coming years. We consider the ways that they can be better supported: for example, through new forms of carbon accounting that allow investors and other stakeholders to engage in new forms of private or market-based carbon governance.

Throughout the programme, our research seeks to build a fuller and more robust and `evidence-based’ understanding of the different ways in which society can promote transitions to a low-carbon economy.

The Programme Leader for Governments, markets and climate change mitigation is Andy Gouldson

We hope that our research will accelerate and help manage the costs and the wider implications of any transition, and build a clearer view of the longer term prospects for an ongoing transition.

Research projects

These four projects examine the impacts of low-carbon industrial strategies, carbon taxes, emissions trading schemes, information-based approaches, business support mechanisms, and so on.
Project 4a: Climate change policies: innovation, performance and competitiveness
Project 4b: Innovation-friendly climate policies and systems change
Project 4c: Enabling carbon markets: carbon accounting, benchmarking and disclosure
Project 4d: Enabling carbon markets: efficient carbon-trading systems and finance


Ruth Jihyung Joo

Research Student, University of Leeds

Working papers