Evaluating the performance of climate policies

Experience is now accumulating from the implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation policies and governance arrangements at all levels from the local to global.

Evaluation of their performance is thus increasingly possible and should be done to inform the design and refinement of new policy interventions.

Our first research theme will involve projects that analyse the performance of key climate policies in a fragmented, multi-speed world and that also innovate methodologically by generating new datasets and measures of low-carbon innovation.

The theme leader for Evaluating the performance of climate policies is Sam Fankhauser

Research projects

This theme is comprised of 3 research projects:

Project 3a – Consumption-based carbon accounting and mitigation policies

Project 3b – Carbon, competiveness and trade

Project 3c – Measuring and evaluating low-carbon innovation


Ruth Jihyung Joo

Research Student, University of Leeds

Working papers