Understanding green growth and climate-compatible development

The OECD (2010) has claimed that “the financial and economic crisis has provided the opportunity for policy interventions aimed at encouraging recovery and renewed growth on more environmentally and socially sustainable grounds”.

While in saying so the OECD evidently has crisis-hit industrialised countries in mind, the green-growth agenda has also extended to emerging markets and least-developed countries.

In spite of this surge in political interest, however, the empirical and theoretical foundations for the design of green-growth policies are still weak.

This theme will examine claims for green growth and jobs using analytical and empirical approaches within economics, as well as evaluating in an interdisciplinary manner how green growth could be operationalised in important case-study contexts, including the UK labour market, Chinese cities and rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The theme leader for Understanding green growth is Andy Gouldson

Research projects

This theme is comprised of 3 research projects:

Project 1a – Green Growth in Chinese Cities

Project 1b – Mainstreaming climate-compatible development (CCD) in Africa

Project 1c – Green Growth and employment in advanced economies


The Statkraft Policy Research Programme: ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ Energy and Climate Change Mitigation Policies for the European Union also features under this theme


Working papers